Getting more than net monitoring

There is no doubt the auto forward spy has provided the consumer market with more than was expected with the cell phone spy software. The auto forward has been in the market for more than 5 years and there with no say, has provided the best to the needs of the consumer. So many are the times that consumers have limited the functions of the cell phone monitoring software, this could be a disputable topic in the consumer market because truly some of the cell phone monitoring software have functions that are either limited to the internet monitoring of just call and message forwarding. Look at the net nanny. Although vary competitive, simple cheap and easy to use, it is very relevant to the parents whose monitoring is limited to online activities but may not do so much to those that may want to monitor all the cell phone activities including texts and photos.

What the auto forward gives its consumers is more than the internet monitoring. It has surely gone beyond the text and call monitoring. In the current generation where the technology is controlling its creator the human being; the children are exposed to too much that influences their lives both positively and negatively. Therefore parents also should be very vigilant in their monitoring so as to bring up a generation that can be leaders and that which can be look upon by the coming generations. A scholar once said that the parents are the makers of tomorrow’s world and this is obviously true. The auto forward therefore give the parents and the interested persons more than just the ordinary.

Talk about the remote locking and installation. What does it mean? This simply means that you can monitor in every way without having the targeted phone. The remote installation will enable you to install the software in the targeted phone without having it or without them knowing because there is no physical; contact with the phone. Talking about the remote blocking, this is a feature that will make you appreciate the auto forward spy. This feature will enable the consumer to block any person or site that the targeted person is accessing yet may not be of befit to them. Talk about the pornographic site, the contacts of predators and others that may cause more harm than good to the targeted person.

The stealth camera that secretly takes photos of the targeted person and their surrounding is another additional feature that the auto forward spies have more than the other spy software. After these pictures are taken secretly and are forwarded to your phone, you can be sure that you will never miss any photo that is taken by the targeted phone. The picture and videos that were taken previously can also be forwarded to your cell phone that may be used as very important information.

Another additional feature that gives the auto forward more advantage than the spy software is the GPS location. This gives you more than just the texts and the internet monitoring by allowing the consumer to locate the place where the phone holder is. It gives you an opportunity to be able to monitor the movements of the targeted person. In such situations where the child or the targeted person is sneaking out, the GPS location is the best feature that the auto gives you that will help you know where they are.

Those are just but a few not mentioning the browser history that although is leaned to the internet gives you more as it can forward the conversations and allows you to block the unwanted site in the targeted person’s phone.